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“Is mainstream hip-hop sexist? Absolutely.

But that is not the whole story – there are as many bitches and hos in the Bible as in hip-hop, but you can’t have that conversation with a pastor. In hip-hop patriarchy can be discussed, confronted and laid bare, where others hide behind civil discourse and censure.”

-dream hampton, on there being space within hip-hop to challenge sexism

Agreed on the representations of women in the Bible and agreed that hip-hop offers access for us to discuss and dissect broader patriarchy.

Not sure that hampton is intentionally suggesting it, but it is an interesting query if hip hop artists would be more keen to discuss these issues than perhaps a pastor or other segments of society.  My feeling is probably not. Because outside of us gender nuts and feminists, nobody is reeeeeally that keen to discuss patriarchy.

But I like her point anyway.