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I really like Cindy Gallop and the idea of MLNP. That being said, there are still porn stars shooting for her site and that bothers me for a variety of reasons. I think MLNP is a really cool idea – but at the end of the day, these couples are trying to convince you to pay money for a product, which means they are going to cater to the tastes of their audience instead of themselves. Good sex is rarely had at angles convenient for filming, folks.

Claire Mott, upon being asked about her thoughts on porn and alternatives like

A brilliantly put epistemological critique on the limits of learning about sex by watching filmed encounters. We have to seriously question and consider what other ways we can teach about good sex if the most common medium, video, is flawed from the premise.


Real world sex is more creative, more innovative, more surprising, more amazing, more arousing and more hot than porn will ever be.

Cindy Gallop, describing the draw of her new start-up, which attempts to counter the ubiquity of hard core pornography by creating a space where real people post videos of having real sex

I gotta big crush on Cindy Gallop, who is just all sorts of incredible. It’s great to see the evolution of the project she launched with her TED Talk in 2009–and it will be really great to see how her “incubator/accelerator for ‘radically innovative sex-tech startups'” manifests in a few years time.