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“I really want some meaning. It used to be easy to toss it off. Now it’s harder and harder. You have to navigate just to find something that has nourishment. It’s the absence of nourishment. What do you do in place of nourishment? It’s usually junk. Either it’s junk food or junk clothes or junk ideas.”

–Toni Morrison, on popular culture

Also a fab quote, because she is so right and it made me giggle:

Morrison seems largely unimpressed with what counts as controversy today. She admires Lady Gaga as an “art object”, but is ambivalent about Madonna. She mentions the singer’s recent concert in Istanbul where she flashed the largely Muslim audience. “She had a little tiny bra on and she was onstage.

“So she pulled it down and showed her nipple. It was all over the news. I thought,” she begins laughing, “What is a nipple? A nipple? It was supposed to be so radical.” She is tickled. “If you go to the pygmies – nobody is into nipples. Everyone was screaming – she’s so avant-garde or something — it’s just a nipple.”

More meaning. Less junk. Actually, just more Toni Morrison in general, please?