On how much money one needs to be happy

Definitely don’t have the same baseline ‘need’, but this is probably a good rule in the long run:

“How does it feel to make what you make?” I ask her.

I notice a strange tone in my voice. The usual chirpy sense of inquiry isn’t there. Instead I sound weirdly tense, as if the true reason for our meeting is for me to discover what I’m missing out on.

“Good,” she says, nodding. “Happiness is having 20 percent more than you imagine needing. The trick is not to be too rich.

“Why not?” I ask her.

“People want to go on your private plane,” she says. “You fall asleep in the middle of conference calls. There’s a certain discombobulation when you have too much.”

Jon Ronson interviewing a multimillionaire, who makes “$1.25 million in a bad year, up to $3 million in a great one”

Incredibly interesting read on class, feelings of entitlement and work in America, by the way.

  1. Kate said:

    I have been thinking about this topic in approaching salary negotiations. Thanks for the link.

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